The Administrators, Instructors, and support staff at Breakthrough Academy are united in the following beliefs and ALL children: 

  • they have the ability and right to learn

  • they are curious & creative

  • they can succeed

  • if they are not learning, we are not teaching

  • they deserve us to never, ever, ever give up on them


We employ science-based practice shown to be effective for ALL learners in the field of general and special education. This includes the disability areas of our learners including Autism, other developmental disabilities, Dyslexia/Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar, etc.), Intellectual Disability, and others. 

We support the comprehensive learning needs, the social/emotional needs, and the self-development needs of our learners.

We are committed to the hard work of implementing the most effective science-based interventions.

In order to accomplish our mission, we obtain continuing professional development and supportive mentorship.


Our focus on Structured Literacy Teaching using the Knowledge and Practice Standards as developed and defined by the International Dyslexia Association for the effective remediation and treatment of Dyslexia.

We use Chartlytics (now Central Reach) and its digital Standard Celeration Chart to quantify performance and make data-driven decisions about instruction. 

We received training and consultation from Morningside Academy, a highly effective and renown private school. We use Mathetics (MMGI and Direct Instruction), Fluency-based Instruction, and Mastery-based Instruction together with Precision Teaching to help learners make breakthroughs and progress. This combination deliberately moves each learner's performance toward our goal of two years growth in one year's time. Our Director of Program Integrity, Mr. Adam, spends his days coaching and guiding staff in the implementation of these effective practices.

Breakthrough Academy 

We are committed. 

The importance of the Parent role:

Because of our speciality in social/emotional & trauma-based education as well as instruction in social cognition and executive functioning, we have been implementing the practices of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Relational Frame Theory (RFT) all along. However, we now use three ABA-based curricula to improve the efficacy of our instruction. We have added AIM and ACT curricula in our efforts to make the most impact for our learners.

See What Breakthroughs Your Child Will Make!

No two students have exactly the same strengths, needs, or learning style. That’s why we create individualized learning plans for every child that combines explicit, direct, small-group instruction, digital supplement, therapies, and facilitated socialization in a way that works for each child's unique needs.


We service grades K through 8 with a current enrollment of up to 35 students. Classes are grouped according to ability level and have, on average, 6 learners with one Precision Teacher/Direct Instructor and one Behavior Technician. All instruction is science-based and addresses any learning need.

We are located at: 3427 E. Bell Rd.​,​Phoenix, AZ 85032



As a parent, your role makes a big impact in how your son or daughter perceives learning and performs in school. We encourage you to help your child understand his or her needs and work with us to implement our effective practices in order to achieve the breakthroughs before them.



We invite you to work with our staff to help your child get all he or she can out of his/her growing years.

We have a Parent Commitment piece to our Family Handbook that requires attendance at one of our monthly parent & community training events.

These trainings are offered on the third Tuesday of each month from 5:30-6:30 on our campus and offered online.​ However, we are happy to speak at local parent groups, at schools, and throughout the community.

The 2019-2020 training schedule will be released soon.