Breakthrough Academy has three levels of tuition determined by individualized needs*, but other levels of participation are available which will vary the cost.

Tier I: Basic, specialized instruction ($16,900)

Full-day participation
Common Core Standards through STEM curriculum​ personalized rate of progress ("Grow as you know!")

Multisensory, Structured, Direct Instruction 
School-wide PBIS (a branch of Applied Behavior Analysis)
Social Cognition 
Executive Functioning
Project-based Learning (STEM)
Adaptive Horse Riding
Lifeskills Classes
Monthly Off-Campus Activities (field trips)

Tier II: Tier I services PLUS half a class period of remediation including daily reading and/or behavior intervention and/or weekly speech or occupational therapy services as needed or High School Programming ($23,800)

Reading Therapy - up to one class period daily
Speech Therapy - up to half a class period weekly
Occupational Therapy - up to half a class period weekly

Counseling - up to a half class period daily
Behavior Therapy - ABA consultation to instructional staff; ABA services by a RBT and/or a staff member receiving supervision by our BCBA 
Person-Centered Planning/Transition Services (for high school students)

Tier III:  Tier II services PLUS intensive interventions or therapy services ($27,200)

Intensive Therapy (up to double Tier II frequency)**
Behavior therapy - FBA performed and BIP implemented; direct consultation from our BCBA

​*There may be additional service fees for certain services including but not limited to: 
Precision Teaching, 1:1 paraprofessional or RBT, additional therapies/instruction beyond that provided in the allocated tier, etc.

* Tuition varies for students placed by LEAs** may depend on student's IEP from his/her LEA


Breakthrough Academy 


Step 1:  Take a tour
Step 2:  Attend a "shadow" day (for a few hours during instruction)
Step 3:  Submit an Application for Enrollment
Step 4:  Become accepted and complete the enrollment paperwork
Step 5:  Change a life!​