PRIVATE* TUITION for the 2019-2020 school year: 

Tier I: includes basic, specialized instruction ($18,600) 

  • Small class sizes (average 6 learners per class) 
  • Common Core Standards through blended learning allowing for a personalized rate of progress ("Grow as you know!")
  • Multisensory, Structured, Direct Instruction in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science (when a learner is no more than 1 year below grade level)
  • School-wide Precision Teaching, ACTraining, and Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (branches of Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Social Cognition 
  • Quarterly "Specials": Adaptive Riding and Horsemanship program, Percussion, Art, Library visits, etc.
  • Physical Education activities: Rock climbing, Yoga, Sports, Structured physical activities
  • Lifeskills/Adaptive Behavior Classes

Tier II: includes Tier I services (as student's schedule allows or as appropriate) PLUS up to

            three (3) therapeutic service areas or "therapies" including reading, behavior, speech 

            services as determined by assessment and depending on need ($26,240)

  • Reading Therapy - up to one class period** daily
  • Speech Therapy - up to half a class period weekly​
  • Behavior Therapy using Applied Behavior Analysis - BCBA consultation to and/or supervision of instructional staff up to 15-minutes weekly

Tier III:  includes Tier II services PLUS intensive interventions or therapy services ($29,700)     

  • Reading Therapy - same as Tier II
  • Speech Therapy - up to one class period weekly
  • Behavior Therapy using Applied Behavior Analysis - on a daily basis with a FBA and BIP written by a BCBA or a Master's level BCBA candidate
  • Lower student-to-teacher ratio and/or class size if needed

*Tuition varies for students placed by LEAs** may depend on student's IEP from his/her LEA; **tier tuition for a publicly-placed student will depend upon the student's IEP from his/her LEA; Occupational Therapy is available if required per an IEP

**A class period length typically run between 45-60 minutes, but may change at any given time as determined by scheduling needs.

Annual Fees:

  • Activity Fee ($210) - covers monthly field trips
  • Technology Device and Maintenance Fee ($150)


Breakthrough Academy has three levels of tuition determined by a learner's individualized and unique needs*. A learner's tuition tier level is made on a case-by-case basis by our Founder and Director.

Other levels of participation as well as supplemental activities are available to meet each student's needs which will vary the total cost of tuition.   

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