Ms. Susan,Special Education Teacher Intern, English Language Arts

Ms. Susan has many years of special education experience as a paraprofessional working with students with various disabilities and has completed training to become a Registered Behavior Tech (RBT). Ms. Susan is currently pursuing her post-baccalaureate degree in Special Education. She has a profound commitment to ensuring that every student masters content and develop a love of literature. 

Ms. Pam, Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Pam is our Mathematics expert! She is absolutely passionate about her subject and has so many tools and strategies to help her students LOVE math as much as she does! She has her ADE Endorsement in Mathematics and has taught students with disabilities for the past two years with a focus on mathematics. Prior to that, she taught third through fifth grade including in a "one-room school house" and as a mentor teacher. This experience lends itself to teaching our performance-based groups at Breakthrough.

Miss Amanda, SLP-A

Miss Amanda brings her recent training and experience as an SLP-A to Breakthrough, but also her background working as a Habilitation provider and support classroom aide. In addition to providing speech therapy services (under the supervision of a SLP), Miss Amanda will begin providing Social Thinking and reading intervention. Miss Amanda was inspired to work in the field of special education because of her bother who has ASD.

Mrs. Trinity,RBT/Interventionist

Mrs. Trinity is a creative and fun-loving behavior interventionist who is a favorite staff of all of our learners! She is trained in and has implemented "Social Thinking" curriculum for the past two years. 

Miss Autumn, RBT 
Miss Autumn has a Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is dedicated to the science and practice of ABA and intends to continue her education to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Miss Autumn also brings a competitive attitude and athletic activities to Breakthrough!​

Mr. Brandon,paraprofessional

Mr. Brandon has completed his training to become an Registered Behavior Tech (RBT). He is another favorite amongst our learners! He brings a playful attitude and athletic activities to Breakthrough!

Miss Cristina,paraprofessional

Miss Cristina is completing her training to become an Registered Behavior Tech (RBT) and will be guiding learners through some supplemental material in addition toward assisting with behavior intervention. She is a passionate provider who truly loves our learners! She brings a gentle, nurturing aspect to the learning at Breakthrough!

Mr. Gabe, paraprofessional
Mr. Gabe is another popular figure amongst our learners! He uses his various talents and strengths to lead the lifeskill activities provided by our Special Education staff allowing the students hands-on learning to last a lifetime!

Stephanie Guymon, M.Ed. Autism, BCBA, LBA

Head of School

​Ms. Stephanie is a certified special education teacher experienced in providing Applied Behavior Analysis, independent living/adaptive living skills, and teaching all subject areas. She is a dedicated and thorough administrator. Stephanie is the mother of four children, two of whom have disabilities.

Mrs. Leigh Ann, Executive Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Leigh Ann works hard on our accounts receivables and payables. She has a passion for helping families with special needs and is a mother of two children with special needs.

Mrs. Carmen, Digital Management & IT Support

Mrs. Carmen keeps our technology running and provides guidance to staff and students to utilize critical 21st Century tools and skills! She is also completed her training to become a Registered Behavior Tech (RBT).

Mrs. Bekki, Assessment Coordinator, Certified Teacher

Mrs. Bekki has over 30 years as a Reading Specialist in an Arizona public school. She is critical to our ongoing progress monitoring.

Ms. Lori, Secretary

Mrs. Lori has many years of experience providing administrative services and supporting direct service staff in a private day setting. She brings her many ideas and talents to Breakthrough! Mrs. Lori is the parent of an adult child with ASD and passionately works hard to support children with disabilities.


I founded Breakthrough Academy as a service, not as a business.  I did so because I witnessed, first-hand, the needs within the field of special education as a parent and as an advocate.  

- Kristina Blackledge, MS, MFT
Founder & CEO​


Breakthrough Academy