Kristina Blackledge, MS, MFT, PBIS-C, SLT

Founder/CEO & Director

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Mr. Adam, ABD, Director of Program Integrity

Mr. Adam is a Ph.D. Candidate at The Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education under Dr. Rick Kubina and has a Masters degree in Psychology. Mr. Adam is a skilled Precision Teacher who has worked at Morningside Academy and Haugland Learning Center, two well-respected Precision Teaching schools. He provides supervision, coaching, and mentoring to implement our programs with fidelity and integrity. 

Ms. Karen, BCBA, LBA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Ms. Karen has been a BCBA for over three years and was a classroom teacher prior to that for many years. She is excited to be a part of our science-based instruction and practice the principles of ABA with our team.

Mrs. Trinity, Administrative Assistant, RBT

Mrs. Trinity is very talented with organization and uses her skills and three years of experience at Breakthrough to help our school operate smoothly. She is also a creative and fun-loving RBT who is a favorite of our learners! 

Mrs. Leigh Ann, Billing Specialist

Mrs. Leigh Ann works hard on our accounts receivables and payables. She has a passion for helping families with special needs and is a mother of two children with special needs.

Mrs. Bekki, Assessment Coordinator, Certified Teacher and Reading Specialist 

Bekki has over 30 years as a general education teacher and Reading Specialist. She uses her knowledge to manage the intake assessment and ongoing progress monitoring.


I founded Breakthrough Academy as a service, not as a business. I did so because I witnessed, first-hand, the needs within the field of general and special education as a parent and as an advocate. 

- Kristina Blackledge, MS, MFT, PBIS-C, SLT
Founder/CEO & Director​


Breakthrough Academy 

All instructional staff are required to compete a 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) training in Applied Behavioral Analysis


See What Breakthroughs Your Child Will Make!

Contractors: ​​​​

  • Josh Garner, Ph.D., BCBA-D provides BCBA services and consultation
  • Brainology/Speech America provides Speech Therapy
  • Percussion
  • AZ on the Rocks provides Yoga and Rock Climbing
  • Scottsdale Artist School

Mrs. Pam, Certified General Education Teacher, Mathematics Coordinator, Advanced Learner Instructor

Mrs. Pam is our Mathematics expert! She has over 20 years experience in Singapore Math (one of our available math curricula) and is absolutely passionate about her subject. Her goal is have learners LOVE math as much as she does! She has her ADE Endorsement in Mathematics and has completed training to become a RBT. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Curriculum & Instructional Design. Mrs. Pam has taught students with disabilities for the past several years with a focus on mathematics and STEM. Prior to that, she taught third through fifth grade including in a "one-room school house" and as a mentor teacher. This experience lends itself to teaching our performance-based groups at Breakthrough.

Ms. Natasha, Certified Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist

Ms. Natasha comes to Breakthrough with several years experience working within the public school system. She has received training in the Lindamood-Bell LiPS program, Wilson Reading Systems, and the AZ Teaching Reading Effectively training. She provides intensive small group reading instruction. Ms. Natasha also case manages our publicly-placed IEPs. She is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted, supportive spirit and enjoys nothing more than seeing our students make breakthroughs!

Ms. Cristina, FLEX Coordinator and Early Learner Instructor
Ms. Cristina has completed her training to become an RBT and also has received training in Acceptance and Community Therapy training. She implements the "Social Thinking", "ACT for Children", "AIM", and "Zones of Regulation" (as well as other Executive Functioning) curricula. Her focus is helping our students develop their psychological flexibility. She is a passionate provider who truly loves our learners! She brings a gentle, nurturing aspect to the learning at Breakthrough!

Miss Julie, Introductory Learner Instructor and RBT

Miss Julie has over 20 years experience providing ABA in the California public school system. She is passionate about her work and genuinely enjoys working with our learners at Breakthrough!

Miss Alexis, Intermediate Learner Instructor and RBT

Ms. Alexis has a warm heart and soft disposition. She exudes a loving nature and the learners instantly feel cared for and supported. Ms. Alexis has been an RBT for almost two years.

Mr. Brandon, Behavior Technician
Mr. Brandon is another popular figure at Breakthrough! He has worked with us for three years and uses his skill and compassion to assist our learners. Mr. Brandon has completed his training to become a RBT and is beginning his training to help implement Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training. He is currently pursuing his Associate's degree in Communication.

Miss Rachel, RBT

Miss Rachel has been an RBT for over three years. She implements the principles of ABA with the upmost integrity to help our learners.

Miss Anastasia ("Miss Ana), Behavior Technician
Miss Anastasia loves working with us! She is fun-loving and so interactive with our learners. Miss Ana iscompleting her RBT training and also receiving training to become an Instructor.