Due to the recent pandemic resulting ordered school closure due to COVID-19 we have adopted the use of distance learning for our learners. 

We felt it was best to follow our typical school schedule as much as possible. Our goal was to continue FULL engagement of our learners by continuing to provide a full school day.

 With a little help from Google and the use of its platform, we shifted our classrooms online! Take a look at our Google Classroom site below. 

Each Learner maintained his/her individualized, daily schedule (see side) and learned to successfully and independently navigate our classroom system. Read comments from parents below about our efforts to continue the education of their children.

We are so proud of our staff and learners!

How have we accomplished this?

The same way we are effective in our brick-and-mortar school. We built strong, trusting relationships with our learners using positive reinforcement, the strongest principle of ABA, each and every day throughout the school year. This made the transition to delivering effective instruction many miles apart and through a computer screen easy to do.

"I'm so happy with how the school has been handling everything. Just another reason I love your school  "


Distance Learning


"I'm so impressed with how she's pretty much rolled with it and does what she is asked each day."

​- Parent

"I'ts gone so much better than I could have ever hoped. She was on her own today and did amazing.  Thank you Staff."

- Parent

(example of a Learner's schedule)

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