• $100 Supply Fee 

  • Uniform shirts are the onlyrequired uniform item.
  • Uniform items may be ordered through Educational Outfitters or through the Breakthrough Academy (contact Mrs. Carmen)

  • Laptop computer (Apple, PC, Chromebook)
    • Must be able to access wireless Internet
    • Web camera
    • If the student is using a Windows laptop, it is recommended to have Windows 7 or 10 installed
    • Anti-virus software
    • AdBlock software on Internet browsers
    • Word-processing and presentation software (i.e. Microsoft Office 365 Student Edition, Google account for Google Docs and Slides, or Apple office software)

  • Purchasing information:
    • Newegg - go to computer systems and search for a laptop or Chromebook
    • DakiTech - local refurbished computer seller
    • Amazon

​(make sure to add a warranty to any computer you purchase and feel free to contact us for recommendations)

  • Computer mouse(wireless or wired - optional choice for your child)

  • Headphones:
    • 4th grade reading level or higher:
      • ​​Logitech - these headphones can be found at any local office supply store for around $30 and will be good for any audio and video recordings students do for their assignments. 
    • Younger students should have a headphone set that is durable and not hard to break such as 
      • JLab Audio JBuddies Kids these headphones limit the volume and are comfortable for even an adult to wear. There are multiple colors to chose from and stickers the students can chose to make their own unique style. They are guaranteed for life!

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